Passionate Gamer Prerna Banerjee Finds Her Calling with Hero Vired's Gaming Program

17 July 2023: Prerna Banerjee, also popularly known as Jenny in the gaming industry, is a passionate gamer who has embarked on a unique career journey. Originally from Kolkata, she currently resides in Pune. Jenny's love for gaming started long before she completed her graduation. As she delved deeper into the field, her interest and enthusiasm grew, and she decided to explore a career in gaming.
Although Jenny is currently pursuing an MBA in Data Science, she has not let go of her passion for gaming. It has become her calling, and she is determined to make a mark in the industry. Jenny holds the prestigious title of being the first female Apex Legends(M) Predator/Master, which aptly showcases her skills and dedication.
To further enhance her knowledge, merit and skills in gaming, Jenny enrolled in a Certificate Program in Gaming and Esports at Hero Vired. This program has been a game-changer for her, offering exceptional mentorship and a faculty with diverse experience in the field. 
Jenny is particularly impressed by the exceptional faculty present at Hero Vired, who provide personalized interactions with students. They go the extra mile to ensure that students' doubts are cleared within 24 hours, fostering a supportive, holistic and inclusive learning environment. Moreover, the faculty members share valuable insights into placement opportunities, preparing students like Jenny for a successful career in the gaming industry.
"With Hero Vired, I've discovered a world of opportunities in gaming. The program has not only expanded my knowledge but has also given me the confidence to pursue a successful career in the gaming industry. I'm grateful for the exceptional mentorship and supportive environment that Hero Vired has provided me on this transformative journey." stated Jenny.
With her strong educational background in computer science, complemented by her pursuit of a gaming course at Hero Vired, Jenny is poised to excel in the domain of gaming. She is determined to make a name for herself and break barriers as a female gamer, inspiring others to follow their passion and embrace the world of gaming.
Jenny's story exemplifies the transformative power of pursuing one's passion and finding the right educational program to nurture and enhance one's skills. She is a shining example of how dedication, coupled with the right opportunities, can lead to a fulfilling and successful career journey.

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