Polycab Empowers India's Electrician Community with Instant Reward Instant Redemption with New Experts App

23 May 2024: Polycab, is proud to announce the launch of the new ‘Polycab Experts’. A first-of-its-kind platform designed exclusively for the country's electrician community as part of its digital transformation. Polycab Experts aims to uplift and empower electricians across India and help improve its end customer experience. The app will be a single platform that supports both earning and redemption points journey for its customer by providing them with a comprehensive suite of benefits and rewards. The Polycab Expert Program has an existing app with 1.5 lakh electricians and approximately 1lakh retailers who will be migrated to the new app.  


The Polycab Experts App introduces an innovative rewards system that allows electricians and retailers to effortlessly earn points by scanning loyalty codes printed on Polycab products. These accumulated points can be instantly redeemed into their bank accounts, providing a tangible and immediate incentive for their loyalty to Polycab. 


Electricians enrolled as part of the new Polycab Experts platform can also get special benefits through a three-tier loyalty program. Each tier unlocks exclusive benefits that the electrician community will find relevant to grow their business. As they progress through the tiers, electricians can unlock exclusive benefits, including medical insurance for themselves and their spouses, scholarship opportunities for their children, and welcome rewards to enhance their professional performance and extra points. 


Furthermore, the Polycab Experts App goes beyond mere transactions by fostering a thriving community of electricians. Every code scanned, and every point earned contributes to a larger purpose – investing in the growth and development of the electrician community, which in turn benefits the industry.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Ishwinder Singh Khurana, Executive President, Chief Business Officer (Power BU), Polycab India, stated "The electrician community in India ensures that we have a well-equipped electrical infrastructure to live and work comfortability. Through the Polycab Experts App, we aim to reward the consistent loyalty they have shown towards the brand through an instant scan and instant money transfer to the bank account. We are focused on nurturing the growth and well-being of our electrician community. By providing them with access to insurance, education, and professional development opportunities, we aim to elevate their standard of living and empower them to achieve their full potential." 

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